Monday, 21 September 2009

Kios buildings 1: on both sides of the photograph, ruins.

On the left, there is the broken concrete roof of a collapsed building; on the right, there is the corner of a stone building, its stones spilling down the hillside.

These resemble the ruins in a Kurdish village in Turkey, Kiledar buildings 12.

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  1. A friend and I happened upon this village today when we went for a drive, we initially went to Fyti and drove from there, I saw a sign for a village Trimithousa and as the village I live in near Paphos has the same name we were curious, that too was in the same condition as here, we saw the blue road signs to the village although the roads had much to be desired, we were not sure how or why the village was abandoned, apart from some farmers, goats and moufllon sheep and in such disrepair, as there is a dam nearby we had thought the village had been for the workers building the dam and was then abandoned as it was so remote from shops, and amenities, this has explained some things but not everything.